Nexis ® Uni: Academic research tailored for each user

Search thousands of reliable sources with the online database Nexis Uni®, designed especially for research at institutes of higher education

The advantages of Nexis Uni for you as a librarian, professor or student

An academic search engine with rich content

Conduct research or recommend scholarly journals; using an academic research database makes your job easier.

Save time

Today’s students expect their academic research platform to offer the same convenience and ease-of-use as Google - whether they’re writing research papers or working on group projects.

Better data quality with trustworthy content

With thousands of news, business, and legal sources, Nexis Uni helps you write your research by using trustworthy citations.

Features you’ll love

Trusted research content

Get instant access to thousands of news, business, and legal sources. For this, Nexis Uni is one of a kind.

No training necessary

The intuitive design of Nexis Uni is based on input from university students and librarians to offer an engaging academic research engine on a wide range of devices.

Personalized experience

Create individual profiles to customize your homepage. Set it to one of the discipline pages for more focused research. Save searches and bookmark documents for later viewing.

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