Lexis® GRC

Conquer Risk & Compliance Challenges

What is Lexis® GRC?

A comprehensive reputation protection solution and the governance, risk, and compliance software that executive boards can rely on.

Trusted for years by professionals in providing accurate and precise legal content LexisNexis brings you Lexis® GRC, an integrated governance, risk and compliance software solution complete with LexisNexis legislative content, including by-laws.

Lexis GRC is used effectively to manage all aspects of governance, risk and compliance in your organisation. With a variety of modules available, you can customise the solution to suit your needs and requirements. Isn't it time that you maximised your opportunities through expert enterprise management of risk, compliance and mitigation?

Why Choose Lexis® GRC?

Access a complete legal register specific to your business

Skip outdated legislation and track legislative updates automatically. Pinpoint legislation that puts your company most at risk.

Easily access and manage all components

Set up tasks and actions from all components to ensure follow up, tracked history and audit trails.

Mobile, anytime, anywhere

Conduct your compliance audits, inspections and surveys offline, on-the-go, using our mobile app.

Checklists and forms

Predefined checklists and forms for day-to-day monitoring and controls... or design your own.

Multi-format reports

Predefined reports are available in PDF, Word and Excel format for different modules.

Interactive dashboards

Graphical reports on data from all modules is instantly available on management dashboards.

Personalised digital storage

Store relevant photos, documents, records or notes for easy reference and historical record keeping.

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