Last night was late and
this morning is early.

You arrive at the office to find 52 unread emails and 2 briefs due before lunch. As you make your way through your emails, the initial stress of the day ahead of you subsides—it’s time to get to work.

Luckily, you have:
Lexis® for Microsoft Office®

Draft and respond to legal documents faster without leaving the Microsoft® applications
you’re already using.

Open Lexis for Microsoft Office by clicking on the LexisNexis® ribbon in Outlook® or Word.


Access Background Information

Find All: As a first step, easily link from legal entities, terms of art and/or citations in a Microsoft® Word or Outlook® file to research and validation tools.

This gives you background as a foundation for your drafting—without leaving Word or Outlook, and without the distraction of switching from one research source to another.


Analyze Existing Documents

Import PDFs: Quickly and easily turn PDFs into Word documents for analysis.


Validate Citations in Context

Get Cited Docs: From your Word file, identify legal citations for quick validation in context.

Using Get Cited Docs, you can view items cite by cite or as a list with context—cases, statutes or both.

Then, easily sort and print, download or email the documents of your choice.


Link Citations to Full-Text Documents

Link to Cites: Easily create permanent links between your cites and full-text documents on Lexis Advance. Now, everyone who receives your document has access to your research.


Check Citation Format

Set & Check Cite Format: Easily format your citations to ensure they comply with complex style format rules.

When you click Check Cite Format, the right panel allows you to correct the way citations are formatted all at once or one at a time.


Check Quotation Accuracy

Check Quotes: Save preparation time by quickly validating your quotes against source documents.

When you click Check Quotes, a report opens on the right panel showing all quotations in your document. Clicking on a quotation checks it against content from Lexis Advance.


Prepare Table of Authorities

Prepare TOA: Efficiently organize your authorities using fast, flexible options.

To create your table of authorities without cutting and pasting your citations, click Prepare TOA. Your table of authorities is now open on the right side of your screen for easy formatting, and the final table of authorities is inserted into your document.

This enables you to spend less time creating your TOA and save more time for legal analysis.


Let’s get started

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