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LexisNexis® launches the Lend a Hand Program to assist unemployed attorneys

June 29, 2009 — New York, NY, June 29, 2009 - Law firm managers are leveraging every tool at their disposal in an attempt to manage their organizations through the current economic crisis. One result of that effort has been an unprecedented wave of layoffs particularly at large law firms. Nearly every one of us knows someone who is unemployed, so the current economic crisis really hits home. LexisNexis created the Lend a Hand program because we want to meet the current needs of the attorneys in transition by offering free marketing services, networking opportunities, and employment resources.

The program is available to all U.S.- based lawyers who recently worked for a law firm with more than 50 attorneys and who are currently unemployed. The aim of the Lend a Hand program is to help these lawyers promote their personal brand, build and leverage a trusted professional legal network, and access jobs and employment resources available through Martindale-Hubbell.


Lend a Hand benefits include:


Program enrollment is open through August 2009. To enroll in the program or for more information please visit We hope that you will take advantage of the program and spread the word to friends and family who are eligible for this opportunity. We wish you luck in achieving your career aspirations!

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