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LexisNexis Launches Lexis Advance for Law Schools BETA

Students and academics invited to provide feedback into design of the latest online legal research tool for the next generation of lawyers

August 17, 2011 — NEW YORK - LexisNexis (, a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, today introduced Lexis® Advance for Law Schools BETA – the next online legal research tool built on the company’s innovative New Lexis® technology platform.

Lexis Advance for Law Schools BETA is the most recent example of the LexisNexis strategy of developing and introducing legal research products specifically designed to meet the needs of different types of legal professionals. The new beta product for law schools also expands the collection of user feedback and collaboration to help LexisNexis create and incorporate new features for the next generation of legal minds.

“We’ve worked closely with law school faculty and students, and we understand the social, mobile and global world students live in, how they access and use content today, and their need for access to world class research technology,” said Bob Romeo, chief executive officer of Research and Litigation Solutions at LexisNexis. “By introducing Lexis Advance for Law Schools BETA, we want to not only ensure students enter practice with the practical skills needed to conduct efficient and effective research, but also participate in driving future innovation in online legal research.”

Law school librarians and legal research and writing faculty members have received user IDs for Lexis Advance for Law Schools BETA and have already delivered helpful feedback. In August, students at a large number of law schools across the country will receive IDs to use the new solution.

The new research tool offers students and faculty access to many of the core features of the Lexis Advance product suite that will help students develop practical skills for the practice of law. For example, Lexis Advance for Law Schools BETA includes:

  • Innovations such as: exclusive access to Legal Issue Trail, a tool that illustrates relationships among legal issues for an entirely new and more efficient way for students to verify their legal research; the My Workspace carousel, an all-new visual tool that helps students conveniently access, organize and manage their legal research; and the “Did You Mean” word wheel that greatly diminishes the risk of simple spelling mistakes and helps with search strategies by suggesting search terms faculty and students may want to use.
  • An intuitive single-search box that eliminates the need to select sources, enabling students to feel confident they will not miss critical information.
  • Pre- and post-search filters that allow students to efficiently narrow their results to the most relevant sources and documents.


The content package for Lexis Advance for Law Schools BETA includes comprehensive and fully enhanced primary state and federal case law, the Shepard’s® Citations Service, jury verdicts, statutes, briefs, pleadings and motions, LexisNexis® CourtLink® content, expert witness transcripts, depositions and curricula vitae. It also includes secondary sources such as treatises and practice guides. Additional content such as news, public records, legislative and additional secondary materials and others will be available in subsequent releases.

Access and use of Lexis Advance for Law Schools BETA is at no additional cost to those participating law schools. This is similar to how access to previously-announced Lexis Advance for Associates will work, allowing customers to use the core functionality of the solution at no additional cost as part of their® subscription.

Lexis Advance for Law Schools BETA is the latest in a series of innovative solutions launched for legal professionals from LexisNexis over the past year – including LexisNexis® Concordance® Evolution enterprise e-discovery and litigation management software this summer, LexisNexis® Profile Suite and LexisNexis® Firm Manager™ in February 2011, and Lexis® for Microsoft® Office, LexisNexis® Verdict & Settlement Analyzer and Lexis Advance for Solos and its application for iPhone® in 2010. Additionally, in March LexisNexis announced that Lexis Advance for Associates will launch in the fourth quarter of 2011.

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LexisNexis® ( is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets. LexisNexis originally pioneered online information with its Lexis® and Nexis® services. A member of Reed Elsevier [NYSE: ENL; NYSE: RUK] (, LexisNexis serves customers in more than 100 countries with 15,000 employees worldwide.

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