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New Loss Damage Waiver Score from LexisNexis Enables Customized LDW Pricing in Rental Car Transactions Instead of One Price Fits All Model

June 11, 2012 —

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions today announced the launch of the LexisNexis® Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) Score, an exclusive scoring solution that enables car rental companies to better identify driver risk and more effectively price LDW for individual customers. The solution helps consumers by offering an individualized LDW rate with the potential for lower rates based on their risk factors.

Loss Damage Waiver Score can help car rental companies further increase customer loyalty by presenting a more transparent transaction through immediate, personalized LDW pricing options. LDW sales represent an important consumer offering for rental car companies, however, consumers may not select the LDW option due to confusion or misconceptions about what is covered by their own auto insurance or through their credit card company. According to industry estimates, purchase rates for LDW across the industry average below 20 percent for most rental car companies.

"In today’s crowded rental car marketplace, from the national chains to the local independents, the LDW pricing model can be a positive influencer for consumers in selecting a rental car company and can help companies build better relationships with customers," said Roy Marler, vice president, emerging markets, LexisNexis. "By using the LexisNexis Loss Damage Waiver Score to help individually price LDW for each customer, rental car companies will be in a position to protect more drivers and provide a more positive experience for those who have the misfortune of being in an accident while renting a car."

The LexisNexis Loss Damage Waiver Score leverages advanced data and analytics to develop individual customer LDW pricing. It is delivered through LexisNexis’ big data platform, HPCC Systems, which is designed to rapidly sort, link and query vast quantities of data to provide an accurate LDW Score in real-time. The LDW score factors in a range of commonly used risk indicators and can be used by rental car companies to determine the most appropriate LDW rate.

Consumers will be able to get customized LDW pricing through rental car companies at the counter or through their online reservation systems. For rental car companies, the LexisNexis Loss Damage Waiver Score can be deployed through corporate or third party systems and by doing so help companies better understand their customers and their risks.

For more information on the LexisNexis® Loss Damage Waiver Score, visit

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