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Academic SolutionsLexisNexis University Solutions

Meeting student, faculty and administration needs for technology that empowers research and data-driven decision making across your institution.

Student Research

Most students today have never known a world without the internet. It’s often their go-to source for answers, but the internet falls short as an authoritative research database. LexisNexis offers a powerful, web-based platform for university students that is ideal for helping faculty and librarians teach information literacy, research, writing and debating skills.

Faculty Research

The scholarly research your faculty conducts aids in securing research grants and building your academic reputation. LexisNexis offers access to premium licensed and open-web news, company, legal, regulatory and industry information—supported by the advanced search, indexing and filtering capabilities needed to ensure your faculty can efficiently conduct in-depth, targeted research.

Media Monitoring & Analysis

Staying on top of the latest buzz represents a growing challenge for PR and marketing staff inundated by 24/7/365 news cycles and hampered by limited resources. LexisNexis offers a media monitoring and analytics solution that helps you efficiently capture media insights for effective brand monitoring and reputation management.

Due Diligence & Third-Party Risk Management

History has proven it again and again. A break in your supply chain or missteps by third parties on whom you rely can wreak financial and reputational havoc. LexisNexis offers robust due diligence and monitoring solutions so you can confidently vet third parties and spot potential risks on the horizon.

Fundraising and Alumni & Prospect Research

As a development professional, you’re tasked with attracting the funds needed to support your institution’s growth and further its academic research. Without adequate financial resources, educators can struggle to prepare young adults for their careers, and important faculty research can fall by the wayside. LexisNexis® solutions help you stay connected with alumni and other donor prospects and clinch the contributions needed to ensure fundraising success.

Data Integration Solutions

University professors, librarians and advisors—from the business school to the engineering department—are often hired by corporate industries to conduct complex research and analysis. LexisNexis offers flexible options for integrating our trusted news, company and legal content with your existing sources to allow for deeper trend and risk analysis, algorithm testing and media coverage comparison.

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