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Lexis Advance®

By adding dynamic visualization tools to cases and citations and new analytical capabilities to the legal field's richest collection of legal information,Lexis Advance® drives unprecedented insights from your legal research.

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Data Visualization

See color-coded search terms in your search results, as well as their location within the opinion, with exclusive and award-winning Search Term Maps.

AI-Assisted Search

Find fast, specific, authoritative answers with machine-learning-fueled searches. The Lexis Answers feature anticipates your search path and brings you relevant and concise results.

Legal Intelligence

Lex Machina Legal Analytics summary charts provide a snapshot view of a law firm's litigation trends, a judge's caseload or ruling history and more to help drive better litigation strategies.

Reason for Shepard's Signal

Positive, negative, neutral, caution—but why? Quickly uncover the citing reference that had the strongest influence on the Shepard's Signal analysis.

Lexis Practice Advisor®

New or unfamiliar issue? Speed up your workflow and provide authoritative counseling. Expand the range of matters you take on and improve your efficiency with task-specific guidance for 18+ practice areas, annotated forms and legal resources accessible all in one place.

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Practice Notes, Checklists, Forms & Clauses

Gain insights to help you accomplish your matters with attorney-authored practice notes, step-by-step checklists and annotated forms with drafting notes and alternate clauses.

Robust Practice Area Resources

Improve efficiency with access to related resources ranging from treatises and regulatory and administrative materials, to cases, statutes and legislation.

Market News & Deal Intel

Get the latest market, industry and legal trends with Transactions Search powered by Intelligize®, Law360® and The Lexis Practice Advisor Journal.

Procedural Resolution Likely Settlement Claiment Win

Lex Machina

There are millions of data points that can contain valuable information about litigation players—judges, courts, lawyers, law firms and parties. LexisNexis can help you connect them. By applying the Lex Machina® Legal Analytics® platform to the most robust collection of legal data, LexisNexis is helping legal professionals make correlations that can lead to unprecedented, strategic litigation insights.

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Judicial Analytics

See what trends emerge by review a judge's transfer of venue orders in prior cases.

Time-to-Trial or Termination Information

Analyze granular data about time to trial and time to termination for cases before specific judges or courts.

Competitive Intelligence

Opposing counsel's client lists, total open cases, relevant experience and other data are all just a click away.

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