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Trust LexisNexis® to give you access to a vast collection of credible, publisher-provided news, commentary and analysis—or our ever-expanding databases of company information and public records. We provide not millions of sources—like so many unchecked sources on the Web—but tens of thousands of trusted ones. Join the legions of publishers, editors, producers and reporters who have counted on us for decades to conduct vital research with speed, ease and confidence.

Find sources & check facts

Make sure you’re connecting with the right people and organizations, and that your facts are rock solid. These LexisNexis® solutions continue to stand tall as truly reliable sources of information in a world littered with unreliable ones.

Track news coverage & trends

Perhaps one of the best research assistants you will ever have, this solution stands at the ready to help you keep track of subjects, people, organizations, industries and more—even while you sleep.