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Business NeedsPolitical Organizations

Information can make or break a political campaign. LexisNexis® solutions enable you to get the full story on your opponents or a detailed profile of donors, candidates and partners. Use our extensive databases and intelligent tools to monitor and analyze media spikes and trends that impact your path to victory.

Conduct opposition research

Know more about your opponents than anyone will find in public disclosures. Use these LexisNexis solutions to dig into public records and deep archives of trusted publications and periodicals.

Vet potential donors, candidates & partners

Know whether individuals or specific organizations will make sound and constructive backers of your campaign—not only financially, but politically. Make sure you associate your candidate with players who will improve the chances of victory at the polls, not tank them. Make winning choices with these solutions.

Monitor the media

Cut through the noise and get reliable, actionable information that will help inform your campaign decisions and sharpen your strategy. LexisNexis solutions draw on thousands of credible sources so you can campaign with the confidence that comes from having information you can trust.