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What do you need to do today? What do you need to achieve tomorrow? Whether you’re focused on finding the perfect precedent, making sure your agreement is airtight or identifying just the right expert witnesses, you can rely on unmatched LexisNexis sources, innovative tools and technology to help you succeed … and better outcomes.

Guide Your Best Work

When it comes to fast access to timely research content, LexisNexis has you covered.

  • LexisNexis has more total federal case law than Westlaw*
  • LexisNexis has (overall) cases online faster than Westlaw over 88% of the time**
  • Find must-have analytical content from names you know—court-tested names like Collier, Moore, Nimmer and Chisum
  • Get deeper jurisdictional content—Over 3,000 municipal codes covering all 50 states

And that’s only the beginning. Discover real research differences with the Lexis Advance® service.

  * Comparison data based on information as of Sept. 2017
** Comparison data based on information as of Oct. 2017


Deliver Good Law

Iconic, authoritative and up to date, Shepard’s® Citations Service delivers the full spectrum of editorial analysis.

Only Shepard’s shows both negative and positive treatment of cases—allowing you to pick up on splits in authority and points of good law other citators miss.

Plus with the Reason for Shepard’s Signal™ feature, you can see the citing reference that had the strongest influence on Shepard’s Signal analysis.


Draft Bulletproof Documents

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Get the News You Need

Need the latest news and views on clients, companies, competitors and evolving legal topics? With over 26,000 trusted global, national and regional publications, odds are you’ll see it on LexisNexis first. From breadth of coverage, quality of sources and simple searchability, no other provider even comes close.

All in one place—Only from LexisNexis

Keep current and dig deeper with an unrivaled, often exclusive news and business sources.


Tap into higher litigation intelligence

Defend or settle? Is your expert witness bulletproof? Need lightning-fast notice of new filings or case activity? LexisNexis has the answers to your burning litigation questions.

Gain and sustain an edge over your competition with powerful analytics, revealing visualization tools, and deeper litigation intel. Only LexisNexis delivers a suite of smart tools to help you:


Five Innovative Technologies You Can Use Right Now

LexisNexis® first put the law online. Once again we’re leading the way with powerful data visualization and predictive analytical tools you can you use to make better, faster decisions about your matter or research. Take a look:

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You’ve seen just a few of the real differences across our content, innovative tools and leading-edge legal technology.

Now let’s talk about how we can best apply those differences to meet the distinct needs of your organization.

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