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Intellectual Property Tools
Invent & go to market with confidence

Venture into the complex and sometimes precarious global marketplace of invention with confidence that your work is truly original and utterly defensible. Know you are the first, your claims are rock solid, your patent search or trademark search was comprehensive and your application is drum tight. Whether it’s a patent law issue, a copyright law matter or trademark registration, use LexisNexis® solutions to search the world’s intellectual property information, no matter what language it’s in.

RESEARCH: Evaluate & analyze prior art

Be sure that while you’re inventing your industry’s equivalent of the next-generation’s sliced bread, you’ve got the legal side of things thoroughly baked, too. Use LexisNexis® evaluation and analysis tools and databases that make up the world’s leading intellectual property research solution. Conduct exhaustive intellectual property research efficiently and confidently. Use LexisNexis® solutions to search prior art around the globe and make sure you’re uncovering related concepts. Perform comprehensive and efficient copyright searches; thorough knockout and clearance research of federal, state and international trademark files; and non-patent prior-art research of leading scientific, technical, news and business resources.

DRAFT: Write  & fortify your applications

Craft concrete patent applications and conduct exhaustive, global, multi-media, multi-lingual searches, then head home knowing your work is bolted down safe and sound.  Aim our innovative tools and smart algorithms at the leading global database of prior art, models, designs, applications, agreements, laws and much more.  Deploy these innovative tools for secure innovation.

PROSECUTE: Prosecute & manage patent applications

How can you improve patent prosecution to be more effective and efficient? These LexisNexis® solutions are designed for intellectual property-driven companies and intellectual property law firms who wish to most proficiently manage the patent prosecution process, better understand the competitive landscape, and develop a more successful patent prosecution strategy.

MONETIZE & VALUATE: Develop & manage your portfolio

DEFEND & LITIGATE: Protect your portfolio

So much is at stake.  Are your inventions sufficiently fortified for whatever is thrown at them? Let’s make sure. LexisNexis® solutions gives you the confidence you need and your stakeholders demand. Rely on data from authorities around the world, dive into dockets that reveal risks, analyze case law to make sure it’s on your side, conduct exhaustive discovery and craft your case in the most compelling way possible.

MONITOR & MANAGE: Always know what's happening

How can you make sure your organization is getting a full return on all the time, money and effort invested in its inventions and intellectual property portfolio? LexisNexis solutions help you scrutinize, analyze, optimize, validate and investigate relevant information, regardless of language, location or medium. Get the most out of your innovation.