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Win the Interview

Walk into your interviews prepared to win.

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Up Your Job Search Game

Show you’re polished and professional with deep knowledge of your interviewers, their organization and legal current events. Use the job search tips and resources below help stand out from the crowd and win the interview.


Know The Rankings

Use the searches and links below to find law firm rankings from top legal news sources.

2021 AmLaw 100 Report including:

  • At a Glance
  • By the Numbers
  • Gross Revenue
  • Profits Per Equiry Partner
  • Average Partner Compensation

Law360 –

  • Click the menu icon in the upper left of the Law360 home page
  • Scroll down to the RANKINGS section heading
  • Select the rankings you’d like to review

Lexis+ – Litigation Analytics

  • Enter two to four Courts & Judges or Law Firms & Attorneys (e.g., Baker McKenzie, DLA Piper, Jones Day).
  • Compare the cases by practice area, number of cases filed per year, party roles, and more.

Practice Area Resources

  • Lexis+ Practice Centers– Select a practice area and get all the research resources for that practice area organized in one location. Practice Centers are a one-stop shop for all things practice area.
  • Practice Area Resource Kits - Review the fundamentals of key transactions within a practice area with step-by-step guides, checklists, practice notes and forms, giving you a starting point and confidence to tackle assignments from senior associates and partners.
  • Practice Area Research Videos

Public Interest Resources

  • Equal Justice Practice Center – Find Law360 Justice Reports, Statutes & Pending Legislation, and other top sources.

  • Voting Rights Resource Kit – Resources on voting rights in the U.S., with links to advocacy organizations. In addition, this resource kit provides links to primary law, secondary sources, and news articles in Lexis to help you understand the legal landscape of voting rights protections.

  • Protestors’ Rights Resource Kit - Resources to inform protesters and the press covering protests of their legal rights. The resources also provide practical tips when in a protest or in encounters with law enforcement.

  • Racial Equality & Police Reform – Curated state & local legislative and regulatory information for purposes of tracking government action.

  • Law360 Access to Justice – Expert analysis and articles on equal justice issues.

  • ABA Public Interest Career Assistance – Information about school-specific specialized public interest counseling & programs, as well as other helpful resources for students searching for public interest employment.

  • Equal Justice Works - Nonprofit organization bringing together an extensive network of law students, lawyers, legal services organizations, and supporters to facilitate employment opportunities and promote a lifelong commitment to public service and equal justice.

  • PSJD - Online clearinghouse for law students and lawyers to connect with public interest job listings and career-building resources.

  • Lexis+ Practice Centers – Select a practice area and get all the research resources for that practice area organized in one location. Practice Centers are a one-stop shop for all things practice area.

Summer Associate Survival Guides And Tips

Whether you’re working in a large, medium or small firm you’ll need to adapt to the firm culture to succeed. Below are links to a few key Practical Guidance articles authored by law firm associates giving you the inside scoop on how to impress as a summer associate.

View all 54 summer associate tip articles here.

Build And Polish Your Resume

Start with your career services office for resume and interviewing tips. Then use your Lexis+ ID to continue building and polishing your resume. You’ll get expert guidance and legal research certification credentials to add to your resume.