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News, Company Research & Due Diligence Solutions
Because what you need to know matters.

Having complete background information and timely business intelligence is crucial to your work. Get the full story on a corporation or individual, prospect for new opportunities, vet political donors or candidates, generate sales leads, track competitors, identify industry shifts, uncover compelling stories, perform academic research and check facts. With LexisNexis® research and due diligence solutions, you can reduce risk, develop new customers, identify funding sources, make informed decisions and relay valuable insights.

Extract big data for AI applications

With an unmatched global content collection enhanced through normalization and metadata enrichments, Nexis® Data as a Service (DaaS) delivers the highly-relevant, archival and current data organizations require for a broad range of big data research initiatives and specialized artificial intelligence applications. Explore Nexis® Data as a Service

Provide company & business research for your teams

You are the go-to professional when your company or team needs business intelligence to make strategic decisions. Our trusted solutions give you the power to generate a 360-view of an individual company or a panoramic view of an entire industry; analyze decades of publisher-produced news; and share presentation-ready, company-branded reports with your department, the C-suite or your entire enterprise.

Research current awareness & companies

How can you find trustworthy and fully vetted news and information that leads to intelligent, informed decisions about people, companies and organizations? LexisNexis® tools and resources combine the power of indexing developed by professionals with state-of-the-art algorithms. They sift through truly credible sources of U.S. and global information going back decades—including newspaper archives and more. When it really matters, this is where you want to be for depth, breadth and the kind of intelligent searching that is the hallmark of LexisNexis.

Conduct third-party due diligence

Your organization can’t afford costly disruptions or damage to its good standing with regulatory authorities. Use LexisNexis® tools to monitor domestic and global third-party activity that is vital to your operation. Fully examine a potential vendor, customer, supplier or business partner in a way that leaves little to the imagination, and share actionable updates efficiently across your organization.

Examine & share vital market trends

Conduct market research and gather actionable competitive intelligence to get real answers. These LexisNexis® solutions can strengthen your corporate communications and market positioning strategy with tools that empower you to examine companies, industry moves and market trends. Use an unparalleled, decades-deep news archive,global corporate informatio n databases, court docket alerts and much more. Customize your reports and distribute them to a specific team or across you organization.

Find deep background, reliable sources & financials

Trust LexisNexis® to give you an unmatched collection of credible, publisher-provided news, commentary, analysis and financial information. We provide not millions of sources, but tens of thousands of trusted ones. Access an unparalleled collection of newspaper archives, company information, financial histories and much more with speed, ease and confidence.

Conduct academic research

Meet academic research needs on a broad array of subjects, educate the next generation of researchers on what is meant by “authoritative resources” and do it all in the face of tight budgets. LexisNexis® Academic solutions give you the tools you need to fulfill your mission, stay sharp with state-of-the-art, integrated research technology, and find deep, rich, credible information for any research project.

Keep your teams informed

Current awareness. It’s something we all strive for, especially when it comes to developments that impact our individual and organizational objectives. But there is so much out there and so many ways to get it. Bring order, reliability and credibility to the process of keeping your teams up to date on relevant developments with these LexisNexis® solutions.