Next-Gen Lawyers Choose Lexis Advance

Key Findings

New lawyers across the U.S. prefer Lexis Advance to Westlaw according to a new independent research study conducted by PwC, commissioned by LexisNexis.

New lawyers prefer Lexis Advance, citing superior AI/analytics, visualization tools and training to prepare them for success

50% of new lawyers in the U.S. prefer Lexis Advance.

Similar to experienced professionals, new attorneys value a legal research solution that is fast and easy to use

Ease of use (73%) and speed of results (62%) are what matters most to digital natives.

Next-gen lawyers are embracing visualization and analytics tools to obtain deeper insights

4 in 5 Lexis Advance users say LexisNexis visualization tools make it easy to find the most relevant results.

77% say LexisNexis provides the most effective AI and analytics tools.

With cost and competitive pressures rising each year, LexisNexis prepares new associates to be more productive and contribute to the bottom-line faster.

70% say LexisNexis is more invested in providing effective training to prepare students for success vs 48% for Westlaw.

Gen Z Rising: How the Next Generation of Lawyers is Reshaping Law Firms

The Class of 2020, the first crop of Generation Z to enter the legal workforce, are digital natives who grew up with technology at the center of their lives. These digital natives are leveraging their mastery of technology to drive productivity gains in the legal profession. So, what do law firms need to do to win the battle for Gen Z talent?

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Lexis Advance is redefining legal research

Delivering increasingly sophisticated visualization, analytics and decision tools that help our customers make better decisions, get better results and be more productive. And the next generation of lawyers is taking notice.

Next-Gen Legal Tech Study from LexisNexis

Research Methodology

LexisNexis Legal & Professional commissioned PwC Research, a global center of excellence for primary research and evidence-based consulting services and part of PwC LLP in the UK, to undertake data collection and aggregate results for the LexisNexis study. 83,909 law students from 201 law schools were invited to participate in the study which ran between August 12, 2019 — September 9, 2019 and from which 5,061 responded.