Donations have been on the rise in higher education, but nearly one-third of donations in 2015 went to only 20 universities. In such a competitive arena, you need the ability to quickly find the best prospects and nurture those relationships to support your fundraising goals. Is your database optimized to allow you to make better, faster decisions?

Benefits of Improved Data Quality

Data cleansing and enrichment offers significant advantages. In addition to lowering marketing costs, appending data related to wealth indicators adds value to your existing data. For example, you can conduct more targeted list segmentation to increase response and drive engagement levels higher.

LexisNexis Batch Services empowers operational efficiency.

  • More than 10,000 sources of public records information containing more than 78 billion public and proprietary records are refreshed daily, helping you reach the contact targets you need.
  • LexID® data-linking technology uncovers relationships between people, companies and properties. This dramatically increases the number of people you’re able to locate and allows you to pinpoint high-value donor prospects with greater accuracy.
  • Batch runs are tailored to your needs, allowing you to append your data with key details that enhance your ability to identify and connect with high-value donor prospects.

Better data saves time and money

In addition to enabling you to evaluate and enrich high-volume data more efficiently, batch processing of your data allows you to:

  • Update addresses to lower returned mail and postage costs for fundraising campaigns.
  • Expand your contact options for individuals by appending hard-to-find telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Store and monitor information to keep your database updated.

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Cleanse and append your donor database

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