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Be confident you have the content you need from a comprehensive collection of case law with summaries and headnotes, supported by a rigorous editorial process emphasizing quality.

Get just the facts with our comprehensive case law collection. We never editorialize headnotes, which could lead to a misinterpretation of points of law. When our expert attorney-editors read, analyze and summarize cases, we faithfully follow the lead and holdings of the courts. You can confidently cite our content, every time, and know you are relying on the most current and valid collection of case law.

Research more efficiently
Case-law enhancements created by experienced attorney-editors reliably reflect court holdings and headnotes reflect the language of the court.

Retrieve more relevant results
A modern topic digest built for the web includes new and emerging areas of law.

  • A case law collection providing comprehensive and timely coverage so you have everything you need when conducting legal research.

Access a robust collection of cases that you need for your legal matter.

Case summaries and headnotes are written to drive efficient research.

Cases are continually enhanced as the law changes while employing quality control processes, ensuring you get the most reliable and up-to-date information.

  • Case summaries enhance your research with a concise view of the major impacts of a case.

Access reliable content from attorney-editors who read each case and write case summaries that reflect court holdings.

Get superior coverage with the most summarized cases since 1920 and more case summaries for unpublished cases.

Get access to timely content with editorial enhancements within 72 to 96 hours.

  • Headnotes help you quickly determine the key issues addressed in a case.

Get the vital information you need from attorney-editors who write headnotes in the language of the court, ensuring reliable information and no misinterpretation.

Determine if a case merits deeper analysis by quickly accessing the key legal issues and points of law material to a case.

Find other relevant authority with headnotes that help direct you to other important cases related to your legal question.

  • Modern topic digest helps you retrieve relevant search results.

Find relevant cases with the help of attorney-editors who read each case, write headnotes and assign one or more topics from an intuitive Web-based legal topic digest.

Conduct effective research with topics and a flexible classification system that can be changed in response to new legal developments.

Stay ahead of the changing legal landscape with topical classifications that include new and emerging areas of law.

The LexisNexis® Case Law and Shepard’s® editorial process combines extensive quality control measures with the work of experienced attorney-editors, helping you get the most reliable, relevant and timely content.

Our editorial philosophy is based on:

1. Delivering comprehensive, high-quality content

2. Following the lead of the courts for case collection, corrections and analysis, and case enhancements by experienced attorney-editors

3. Applying ongoing and extensive quality checks leveraging Six Sigma principles throughout an in-depth editorial process

The case law and Shepard’s® editorial process consists of multiple steps, each contributing to results intended to give you absolute confidence in your legal research. For a full view into each of the 29 steps of the process please click here.

Case Collection
To ensure relevancy and comprehensive case law coverage, LexisNexis follows the lead of the courts and state reporters of decisions and collects case opinions based on citeability and level of importance.

Case & Citation Correction
To help ensure accuracy, LexisNexis attorney-editors work with the courts to identify, clarify and correct substantive factual and legal errors in cases.

Shepard’s® Analysis
To ensure that your research is validated, experienced attorney-editors provide negative and positive treatments within hours of receipt from the courts.

Case Enhancements
To help you get the insights you need to shape your case strategy, LexisNexis attorney-editors prepare headnotes and summaries.

Ongoing Updates & Print Preparation
To ensure you have access to the most current information, LexisNexis attorney-editors address ongoing changes to the law.

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