CaseMap® Suite is the end-to-end single resource for organizing case documents, crafting strategy and presenting a compelling case story.


Marshall all case documents and data, view with a wide lens, then zoom in on complex fact patterns.


Organize, summarize and connect the dots between transcripts and case issues.


Show everything about a case and when it happened with persuasive chronologies in just a few clicks.


Make your case story real with a compelling, rapidly editable package of exhibits, files, media and transcripts.

But don't take our word for it..

CaseMap Suite products help organize data in medium to large cases. It presents very well to clients. Many times I will take a case report into a deposition and I insert the cover page into the front of the binder for the opposing attorney to see, which causes an intimidation factor.

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I use CaseMap Suite products with my larger, complex cases as a part of my case development.

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