It's time to take your case analysis further.

Manage and analyze your case data with ease using the CaseMap® Suite.

Put all your case facts in one place

Organize case documents in one centralized repository, so law firm staff can collaborate using the same data and notes.

Made for teams to streamline workflow

CaseMap software helps teams of all sizes gain collaboration and insight, thanks to its ability to host case data on a central server.

Link all of your data together

CaseMap software displays your case data visually, so attorneys can get case insight faster and find missed connections.

The Lexis Advance® service integrates with CaseMap

With a right-click, your downloaded case research stays just as live, searchable and organized as how you found it.

A Mountain of Evidence

As a litigator, you have information coming from a variety of sources - issues, documents, characters, research, and more. What is the best way to a) get a handle on it, and b) package it in such a way so it persuades a jury? The CaseMap Suite allows you to organize, structure and develop your case. Then present it – brilliantly. Link testimony to key issues quickly, display your case facts in a compelling timeline, then create high-impact jury presentations.

What our Customers say

Any law firm, or really any industry, that needs to work as a team really needs to utilize this database. I wouldn't want to work up a case without CaseMap.

Roxanne Fadler Stewart Medical Paralegal, Gold, Weems, Bruser, Sues & Rundell

CaseMap easily cut my time by 50% in getting my arms wrapped around the case.

CaseMap Software Simplifies Your Litigation Evidence
(and does more with what's left)

Simplify your litigation workflow - CaseMap takes a pile of unorganized case facts and helps you methodically transform them into a tidy matrix of relevant ones.

See the winning connections - CaseMap software displays your case data visually and spatially, so evidence patterns and connections are easy to spot.

Perfect for teams of all sizes - Law firm staff can work on a case concurrently when the case data is hosted on a central server, which helps get case insight faster.

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      Capture, organize and share case knowledge with CaseMap 12.1

      Comprehensive case-wide searching, which can encompass your entire CaseMap case and attached documents.
      • Bulk importing and optical character recognition (OCR)
      • Customized spreadsheets
      • Enhanced case reporting capabilities
      • Microsoft® integration
      • Tools for real-time collaboration
      • Accomplish tasks, search case data, and find help quickly with Smart Assist
      • New eDiscovery features let you redact, code documents, and produce all within a single solution
      • SQL capabilities* enabling litigation teams to work on CaseMap cases simultaneously and securely across your local area network

      Plus, the CaseMap® DocManager feature provides a single interface for attorneys and law firm staff to view, annotate, hit-highlight, Bates stamp, batch print, and batch convert files to PDF and TIFF.


      Experience how easy case analysis can be

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