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Build your strongest argument using language proven to persuade your judge.



Please the Court

Find the arguments your judge finds most persuasive, including his own. The exclusive legal language analytics behind Context for Judges examines millions of case law documents to pinpoint the language, precedents and even other judges your judge finds most compelling.

100 Motion Types Analyzed

Enjoy the confidence that comes with thorough analysis. Context for Judges analyzes 100 motion types from U.S. and state trial courts so you can view the specific logic behind a judge’s decision to grant or deny—for every motion type. This case-law language analytics is a LexisNexis exclusive.

Super-Vet Your Expert

Know more about your expert—and your opponent’s. Context for Expert Witnesses begins with vast coverage of important witness intelligence, including depositions & trial transcripts as well as state and federal jury verdicts & settlements.

Know Why an Expert was Challenged … and Much More

Select credible witnesses who have a history of standing up in court. Powerful legal language analytics behind Context for Expert Witnesses shows where experts have testified, when they’ve been challenged—and specific reasons why a judge excluded or admitted their testimony. You’ll only find this game-changing technology with Context.

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What legal professionals are saying about Context:

You can cite the judges, cases and even passages that you know the judge has relied on in the past and finds persuasive. That is a powerful tool.


Legal firms play ‘Moneyball’

Find out how leading legal firms use data analytics to predict court outcomes and assess their chances of winning a case.

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