Know expert witnesses’ weaknesses—before you hire one—so you can avoid a fatal addition to your litigation and trial teams. Context for Expert Witnesses, a new offering from the Lexis Analytics suite, also gives you hardest-to-find facts so you can protect your witness in a Daubert challenge and undercut an opposing expert’s credibility.

Only Context for Expert Witnesses uses technology to pinpoint why judges admitted or excluded an expert’s testimony, so you can know in advance how to select the right expert, defend their testimony or impeach opposing counsel’s expert. 

Context intelligently searches the vast Lexis Advance® collection of case law and expert witness documents, including 45% more deposition & trial transcripts and 70% more state and federal jury verdicts & settlements than our closest competitor.*

With Context, you can know the experts better than they know themselves. Find:

  • How often the expert’s testimony was excluded and why, such as methodology, relevance and more. It’s all presented in one easy-to-read chart. Link to the judge’s specific reasoning, in the precise language he used to weigh the Daubert challenge
  • Language and cases you need to prepare—the words that can persuade your judge to admit your expert’s testimony or impeach your opposition’s expert
  • Jurisdictions and practice areas where your expert testifies and other must-knows, including all CVs Lexis Advance has available
  • Deep background—no searching needed. All available Lexis Advance documents from your subscription about the expert are compiled for you under the Related Materials tab. Think of how many searches you won’t have to enter

*Comparison data based on information available as of November 2018.

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