Any good strategy is based on the latest, most reliable intelligence, and so much of this rich background can be found deep in the dockets of our nation’s courts.

When we say deep, we mean CourtLink® document retrieval allows you to leverage access to more than 218 million federal and state court dockets. But we do more than just toss you the courthouse keys.

CourtLink Strategic Profiles give you the super power you always wanted (after X-ray vision). Gather intelligence on companies, individuals, expert witnesses, judges and opposing counsel based on their prior performance in state and federal courts. Know which way a judge leans. Know how an expert has testified—whether he’s yours or theirs. See how opposing counsel has fared in cases similar to the one on your desk today. Read how a company or organization has approached cases just like the one you’re litigating now.

And don’t get caught with your guard down. Deploy the awesome automated attention of CourtLink Alerts. Full-text searchability and advanced keyword complaint notification doesn’t let yesterday’s motion or brief filed a thousand miles away throw you off your game.

Everyone looks for that competitive edge. Yours will be so sharp it should come with a warning.

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