Not everyone appreciates your schedule and understands the often-extreme urgency of your document needs. But then there’s CourtLink®.

Apply our powerful tools to search our massive docket database. Cast a broad net across millions of court dockets and court records: Civil and criminal; State and federal court cases; New complaints and new filings. With CourtLink® you can avoid delays in finding and downloading documents, and skip the tedious hours of digging and cross-referencing court info to get what you want. Court case searches have never been this streamlined.

Get a jumpstart on document drafting with relevant briefs, pleadings and motions, too. See how arguments are crafted, what precedents are cited and how they fare in federal court cases and state courts, too, before you take the same path.

Remain on high alert even when you’re off dealing with other important matters. Use CourtLink Tracks to monitor large collections of dockets. Use CourtLink Alerts to receive notifications every day, or every hour.

On-demand court records. Federal court cases. State court records. Court docket searches. Hyper-vigilant alerts and tracks. We take your most urgent court case search and monitoring needs to heart.

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