What’s it worth? Should you file or try to settle? Litigate or arbitrate? How have juries valued similar cases? How have settlements been structured? Are you navigating new territory or is there clear precedent that sets the value of your case?

These are just some of the questions you and your client ask when any matter presents itself. The answers can be found deep in the dockets of state and federal civil courts. Somewhere nestled in the millions of court records around the country is invaluable intelligence from cases just like or very similar to your own.

CourtLink® will give you an absolute analytical advantage because we have the numbers—at least 90 more courts covered than our nearest competitor. Can you afford not to have access to the insights buried in our collection of over 218 million dockets? We also provide 100% full docket coverage of the courts in our portfolio.

And combing through so many dockets doesn’t mean tedious and multiple search queries. With CourtLink Single Search the intelligence you need is one click away.

This million-dollar question is too important to leave to chance.

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