LexisNexis DaaS provides customizable access points and the ability to download precisely-focused bulk content spanning current and historical news, business, industry, regulatory and legal data.


Our data normalization and enrichment, including proprietary SmartIndexing metadata tags, allow student and faculty researchers to conduct more refined data mining that leads to relevant insights and enhances predictive analytics.


Our DaaS solutions-Bulk Data API and Metabase API-enable universities to identify the right data sources and data hosting options needed to support innovative research by students and faculty.

With customizable, flexible APIs, LexisNexis DaaS gives you the ability to select the data sets and delivery option best suited your academic research needs, so you can:

Accelerate time to insight with precision data mining that benefits from our customizable search logic and a data enrichment process designed to increase results relevance

Design better research with dynamic search retrieval that delivers highly-relevant data, filtered by topic, into your big data projects.

Drive creativity and innovation by harvesting targeted news, business and patents data to discover new topics, trends or patterns

Stay at the forefront of discovery and innovation with big data analytics that uncover emerging trends, business intelligence, and attract data science talent to your institution.

LexisNexis® Data as a Service (DaaS) puts the power of our unmatched collection of news, business and legal content in your hands, including:

  • 17,000+ licensed news and business sources
  • Patent data from more than 100 patent authorities—31 in full text
  • 600+ company & industry sources

With more than 35 years of archived news to complement a wealth of current data sets, LexisNexis DaaS enables student and faculty researchers to sharpen their data mining and knowledge discover skills, engage in historical and predictive analytics, and enhance machine learning modeling skills.

Mining big data sets can be challenging, but with LexisNexis DaaS, your researchers benefit from our comprehensive, but focused, collection of data sets enriched using LexisNexis® SmartIndexing Technology™. It allows your academic researchers to focus on analyzing relevant data, instead of searching for it—and that opens the door to more opportunities to collaborate with corporate leaders across industries.

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