Are you ready to create stronger PR, Marketing and Sales efforts? Nexis® Data as a Service (DaaS) offers highly-relevant, global online sources—from news data to social commentary—to power data analytics.

You need only look at how the most-loved brands are using big data to see the value. Companies that consistently earn top marks for customer experience and sales excellence are recognized leaders in understanding the customer journey and delivering personalized experiences based on data related to behaviors and preferences. By complementing internal CRM data sets with micro-moments data uncovered through digital behaviors, companies gain a better understanding of what individual consumers want.  Moreover, media intelligence uncovered through data analysis and interpretation can provide valuable insights to enhancing PR, Marketing and Sales performance.

Create stronger campaigns with data-driven brand insights

Companies need to derive actionable information from big data, but the daily avalanche of news, social media and other business intelligence sources can be overwhelming. Where can you find precisely the information you need for secondary data analysis?

LexisNexis has decades of experience as a content aggregator, enabling us to develop an expansive source universe. Use our easy to integrate APIs to deliver valuable, targeted media monitoring data to help PR and Marketing organizations conduct qualitative data analysis to inform campaign plans and evaluate their effectiveness. Nexis DaaS enables you to:

  • Leverage current and historical news articles for predictive analytics applications to better anticipate news cycles or track brand portfolio.
  • Find out where PR, Marketing or Sales initiatives are performing best with geo-location metadata.
  • Get a clear picture of messaging effectiveness by conducting data sentiment analysis across global news data.
  • Analyze the origins of negative sentiment to identify media outlets and influencers you need to engage.

With data captured from both news and social commentary, organizations have the opportunity to collaborate across PR, Marketing and Sales functions to enable a more holistic approach to prospect engagement, manage spend while maximizing reach, and amplify brand voice.

Talk to a Nexis DaaS specialist about the types of big data you need to support trend analysis, brand portfolio tracking and more.