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Exploring mergers and acquisitions? Expanding into emerging markets? Concerned about beneficial ownership?  In a global marketplace, companies need timely, trusted business data to the evaluate opportunities and risks they face. When it comes to valuable business intelligence, the data available from LexisNexis® Corporate Affiliations captures details about the companies—and their corporate families—that drive the global economy.

What makes our corporate content different?

The data available through the Nexis® Data as a Service offering of Corporate Affiliations is more focused. Rather than capturing details on every mom & pop shop or small business, we target companies that are change-makers around the world.  In addition, our corporate is:

  • Exclusive—Owned and maintained by our own team of corporate content research analysts, the Corporate Affiliations data set goes beyond what you can find on the open web.
  • Verified—Data on companies is captured through the use of entity recognition, semantic processing and matching, and then corroborated and given context by our researchers and analysts.
  • Flexible—Corporate data can be integrated into the tools and services you sell to your own clients or within your own CRM, ERP or business intelligence solutions.

In addition, Corporate Affiliations captures critical data in two key areas: corporate hierarchies and mergers and acquisitions.

Our in-depth corporate hierarchies go beyond parent and subsidiary relationships, encompassing:

  • Ultimate Parent
  • Parent
  • Subsidiaries
  • Joint Ventures
  • Affiliates
  • Divisions, Units, Factories or Plants
  • Branches
  • Groups
  • Holdings
  • Non–Operating Entities (Shells)

The depth of our corporate hierarchy data can help you more easily identify beneficial ownership or spot opportunities with businesses in the same corporate family. 

Thanks to our comprehensive MergerTrak process that follows mergers—from proposed to closed—across hundreds of media outlets, Corporate Affiliations data yields news and up-to-date transactional data for pending and completed acquisitions.

Current and historical corporate data for predictive analytics

In addition to up-to-date information on key companies around the globe, the Corporate Affiliations data set includes historical data files from 1993 through 2016, which allows you to extract business intelligence through predictive analytics, forecast modeling or data visualizations to support data-driven decision making.

Files are delivered in a tab-delimited format to FTP or Shared Directories on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our corporate content covers more than 2 million unique companies, including hard-to-find corporate data on private companies.

  • 2K+ U.S. Public Parents
  • 200K+ Subsidiaries linked to U.S. Public Parents
  • Nearly 1.6 U.S. Private Companies
  • 44K+ Subsidiaries linked to U.S. Private Companies
  • Nearly 47K International Parents (Public & Private)
  • 181K+ Subsidiaries linked to International Public & Private Parents
  • Nearly 3.5 million Unique Personnel Entries
  • 900K+ Unique Personnel Email addresses

In addition, our corporate data includes NAICS and SIC, sales/revenue and brand/tradenames data.

Talk with a LexisNexis data specialist to get details on our Corporate Affiliations data set, including a sample file of 100 large Private and Public companies for testing.

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