Integrate alternative data into your mission-critical risk mitigation applications with Nexis® Data as a Service (DaaS). Why LexisNexis?

We bring together a range of data ideal for predictive analytics used to identify the risks your company faces, including:  

  • Licensed global news data archive going back up to 40 years for trend analysis
  • Current traditional and web news data to for identifying signals of increased consumer activism, growing investor pressure or shareholder class actions for enhanced reputational risk management
  • Business and industry information including financial details, as well as corporate families data offering insights into beneficial ownership
  • Legal information ranging from global treatises and U.S. court dockets to full-text global patents data
  • Data on sanctions, watchlists, and PEPs for timely awareness into regulatory risks

By tapping into Nexis DaaS, you can conduct data analysis and interpretation to develop more efficient and effective processes for mitigating reputational, regulatory, financial and strategic business risks.

Conduct statistical modeling and trends analysis

Nexis DaaS complements your existing data pool by delivering relevant, global content—identified and indexed for risk mitigation—into your proprietary due diligence and monitoring systems. Here are just a few examples:

  • Leverage specialized web data feeds to check customers against high-level sanctions and PEPs data for a clear true / false answer, as well as additional detail on the person or company.
  • Identify changes on regulatory lists and negative news by keywords related to existing customers, suppliers or other third parties.
  • Integrate licensed news, sanctions, PEPs and company profiles into your due diligence system to understand—and proactively manage—risk.

In addition, you can ingest targeted big data to power machine learning algorithms developed to uncover emerging trends that could signal disruptive events or untapped opportunities.

Easy to integrate APIs and specialized data feeds

Depending on the data sets you need, our API options enable you to:

  • Search and retrieve data from LexisNexis servers via proprietary in-house business applications or a LexisNexis-approved third-party software solution
  • Leverage content for use in machine learning, predictive analytics or other artificial intelligence applications
  • Conduct timely risk assessments with a risk management API focused exclusively on sanctions, watchlists and PEPs compliance, providing both a true / false answer and further detail on the person or entity

Talk to a Nexis DaaS specialist about your specific big data needs to learn which data sets and easy-to-integrate APIs can boost supply management performance.