As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, establishing an agile risk management and compliance process is critical. Diligence spotter empowers organizations with a highly-targeted approach for verification and screening during Know Your Customer (KYC) and supplier onboarding.

This powerful third-party risk management tool enables you to:

  • Screen third parties and manage onboarding with ad hoc and automated checks against watch lists , PEPs and your own internal watch list
  • Conduct third-party risk assessments and create risk profiles for clients, suppliers and agents including classifications by geographic location, activity, origin of client relationship, missing documents and more
  • Complete NameCheck and KYC reports to meet regulator expectations for auditable investigations
  • Execute a 2-person rule compliance approval process
  • Incorporate ongoing compliance monitoring with follow-up reporting in your workflow
  • Take advantage of extensive reporting capabilities including holistic dashboard reporting and individual third-party reporting

And because you can incorporate additional internet research in your screening, you can be confident that as regulations evolve, Diligence spotter can keep up.

Download the Diligence spotter overview for more information.

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