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Proactive risk media monitoring for your supply chain and third parties.

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Global supply chains—as well as partners, vendors and other business relationships—increase your company’s exposure to risk. Without insights into who you are dealing with across this complex network of third parties, your company is vulnerable to reputational, regulatory, financial and strategic threats. LexisNexis® Entity Insight complements conventional credit scoring, helping you spot other third-party risks so you can take preemptive action, sooner.

Efficient risk monitoring

Stay alert to risk exposure in your supply chain and among critical third parties with a cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution.

Premium content access

Tap into a broad range of market intelligence and news sources that are unavailable—or hidden behind paywalls—on the open web.

Customized risk scoring

Weight built-in PESTLE scoring to match your risk-based approach—with color coding to help identify and drive rapid risk assessment.

Empowered decision-making

Provide actionable intelligence by easily integrating risk monitoring with your Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other internal systems via RSS feeds.

Proactive third-party risk management

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