Regulators expect companies to implement a robust due diligence and on-going monitoring program to protect their interests. The challenge, of course, is that compliance is a moving target—especially when your company conducts business across the globe. According to a survey of board members and executives, 66 percent expect regulatory change and regulatory scrutiny to grow in the coming year.1 But regulatory risk represents just one type of risk your company faces.

Third-party risk monitoring with LexisNexis® Entity Insight can address your company’s need for timely insights into key supply chain and third party risks, helping to safeguard your business against:

  • Reputational risk—Stay alert to potential issues flagged in the media to avoid damage to your brand and corporate image.
  • Regulatory risk—Address regulatory expectations by proactively monitoring supplier and third-party risks and demonstrate compliance with local and global standards.
  • Financial risk—See beyond financial risk scores to help avoid supply chain disruption and the negative impact of compliance failures that could result in fines, settlements and remediation measures that limit future business opportunities.
  • Strategic risk—Identify new supplier sources and reach new markets while maintaining a demonstrable, robust due diligence process that meets the expectations of strategic partners.

Proactive scanning for relevant, adverse news mentions of critical suppliers and other third parties—with results integrated into internal business systems via RSS feeds—empowers the decision makers across your organization to make faster, smarter decisions to both protect and grow your business.


Proactive supplier risk management

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