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A suite of analytical content, case law, legislative & administrative sources, and legal news for labor & employment.

Only LexisNexis gives you the most comprehensive and complementary solution for labor & employment law. You can use this suite of analytical content, primary sources and legal news services at every step of your litigation, compliance or counseling workflow.

  • Strengthen your work with authoritative analysis
  • Stay informed of developments in the legal world
  • Rely on a second-to-none catalog of primary sources
  • Leverage innovative tools and additional services

LexisNexis offers a premier collection of analytical content. Our labor & employment law resources give you unparalleled guidance from authoritative labor & employment experts. With unique national-level treatises and state-level analytical practice guides, only LexisNexis gives you the end-to-end level of insight you need to pursue your research and address your case and compliance needs.

  • Support your work with the full breadth of content you need. LexisNexis is the leading provider of analytical content for labor & employment law practice, covering a multitude of topics and issues, from arbitration to wages and hours.
  • Be assured that you are accessing content that is authoritative. LexisNexis with leading industry experts to regularly update our labor & employment related analytical content.
  • Stay up to date on the changing legal environment and critical impacts to the law with LexisNexis analytical titles such as federal and state treatises and Matthew Bender® Practice Guides that are updated throughout the year.
  • Pursue, defend or prevent an employment or labor case with leading national level treatises from LexisNexis that define and analyze various labor & employment laws and illuminate causes of action with abundant case references, practice tips and checklists. Industry-leading titles include labor & employment Law; Larson, Employment Discrimination; NLRA: Law and Practice; and labor & employment Arbitration.
  • State-specific practice guides and additional state-specific analytical content for labor & employment law from LexisNexis offer nuanced jurisdiction-specific guidance and insight that provides relevant and timely perspectives to support your state litigation or compliance matters.

News is only as useful as it connects to your work. Rapid news sources like Law360® give you hourly reporting while emerging issues analysis keeps it in perspective, and premium objective reporting from Mealey’s makes the connections to primary sources and secondary analysis that make news useful for your practice.

  • Get early warnings around judicial trends, class actions and other matters, often before legislation or regulations are put into place, with LexisNexis news sources such as Mealey’s, Law360, and the Matthew Bender® Labor & Employment Bulletin.
  • Use news sources as legal research tools by utilizing links directly to the cases, statutes, regulations, dockets, verdicts and settlements that are relevant to your legal matter.
  • Quickly view what’s hot in the news today with the Labor & Employment Lawtopic on the LexisNexis® Legal Newsroom, which serves up top news articles, guest commentaries and analyses, and regular blog posts on the most current topics of the day.
  • Bridge the information gap between news and treatises with Emerging Issues Analysis in labor & employment law, giving you quick expert analysis of the most current developments in the law.

LexisNexis provides a comprehensive collection of primary law content at both the federal and state levels including case law, statutes, regulations, agency decisions and sources such as arbitration decisions, all of which help you discern the most current state of labor or employment law so you can practice with confidence.

  • Be confident you have the content you need from a comprehensive collection of case law with summaries and headnotes, supported by a rigorous editorial processemphasizing quality.
  • Rely on DOL, EEOC, NLRB and other agency decisions for precedent and insights, as well as for procedural guidance on how to argue before agency boards.
  • View the full text of AAA labor arbitration decisions to see the complete document, including nuances and details that might otherwise be missed.
  • Quickly spot different requirements in each state in which you operate or employ people with LexisNexis 50-State Surveys.
  • Track regulatory and legislative activity with LexisNexis® StateNet® so you have advance warning of and, therefore, can stay compliant with key changes to existing or new regulations and legislation specific to labor & employment law.
  • Gain validation and comprehensive editorial analysis with Shepard’s® Citations Service. You can Shepardize® case law, statutes and other authority―to make sure you are building your strategies on good law.

LexisNexis is a leader in providing innovative products and services to address the litigation, compliance and drafting needs of labor & employment practitioners.

  • Lexis® transforms the way you conduct your legal research with a more efficient and intuitive way to get comprehensive and relevant results that can be managed, stored and accessed on demand.
  • Lexis® for Microsoft Office® helps reduce the time it takes to draft or respond to legal documents by working right within the Microsoft® applications you use every day.
  • The LexisNexis® Litigation Research Portfolio gives you the largest collection of court documents, verdicts and settlements, and insights on expert witnesses, judges and attorneys. When you build your case, there are no gaps and no surprises.
  • LexisNexis® Public Records offers robust search, analytics and reporting tools to effectively leverage one of the largest collections of public and proprietary records available.
  • Mobile Solutions bring together essential apps, mobile sites and eBooks to help you make more-informed, on-the-spot decisions, wherever you may be.

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