Burton Law LLC has dismantled the traditional law firm model, leveraging mobile technology solutions such as Lexis Advance® to allow its attorneys to practice in a geographically dispersed manner.

Burton Law has been recognized as a pioneer for its model of functioning as a virtual law firm. The firm’s attorneys are not contained within a typical brick-and-mortar setting under one roof, but rather from virtual hubs located in areas that are convenient to the firm’s clients.

The firm is based in Ohio, with attorneys also in Washington, D.C., North Carolina and Kentucky. Burton’s attorneys practice in the areas of business law, data privacy, litigation and dispute resolution, estate planning and intellectual property.

Virtual Law Firm Model

“We use the latest technology available not as a crutch, but as the driving force to advance client service,” explained Chad Burton, founder and senior partner. “We meet with clients personally, then technology allows our lawyers to practice in a greater geographic footprint while maintaining a work environment as if we are sitting in an office next to one another.”

The 4 Main Areas of Impact


The Lexis Advance app for the iPad® device is accessible to Burton’s attorneys while they’re on the go, which is crucial to a virtual law firm model because it gives the firm’s attorneys the power to conduct research on a client matter while working in a mobile environment.

“I believe that mobility is one of the keys to moving the legal profession forward in serving our client,” said Burton. “We’re moving to a future where I can run my entire legal practice from a tablet and a smartphone. The iPad app for Lexis Advance is an early indicator of this future.”

Relevant Results

When attorneys are on the move, they don’t want to take the time to wade through pages and pages of irrelevant content. Lexis Advance search results are more relevant and useful. “Lexis Advance is an excellent solution for helping me obtain comprehensive and relevant legal research,” said Burton. “In particular, it helps me get my hands on valuable secondary sources, such as legal treatises in key areas of the law of relevance to our clients.”


It’s essential for attorneys to be productive everywhere they can be—on the train, in the client’s office lobby, even while waiting for an appointment to arrive. Lexis Advance resources help Burton Law’s attorneys cut through the clutter during legal research and find the specific results they need as quickly as possible.

“Lexis Advance provides my firm with the ability to get access to comprehensive legal research from both primary and secondary sources—as well as other LexisNexis® productivity tools—from a single provider”, said Burton. “It’s the most cost-effective legal-research option available for lawyers who are practicing in today’s highly competitive environment.”

Cost Control

One of the prices that is sometimes paid in exchange for the convenience of mobile access to content is a hefty bill at the end of the month. LexisNexis built a pricing model for Burton Law that allows the firm to obtain access to a wide range of sources without incurring major, unexpected out-of-plan expenses. The lawyers have very clear access to the breadth of legal databases they need, based on the kinds of matters they handle on a regular basis, which eliminates any worry about which content will run up a bill. This saves the firm’s clients money on their invoices for out-of-pocket expenses.

To read more about how Burton Law LLC leveraged Lexis Advance to increase its attorneys' productivity, download the full case study (PDF)