More and more of your colleagues are making the switch to Lexis Advance® for their legal research needs because it makes legal research faster and easier than ever before.

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Thanks to Lexis Advance, I can ensure that case citations in the briefs I am reviewing are accurate within their contexts. Keeping a trail of my research also helps me to keep organized and check back to lingering questions I came across at a previous time.

When I was doing a large multi-state project, Lexis Advance permitted me to complete it in a very timely manner.

Secondary sources on Lexis Advance are far more superior and relevant than what many of the other provider have available.

Darrell Taylor, Partner, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff - Law Firm with 200+ attorneys (TVID: 2F6-E37-0DD)

The greatest advantage of using Lexis Advance® is that no costs are incurred until a document is located and accessed. That one point has eliminated the fear of overcharges, therefore, usage is up.

Lexis Advance helps us control all aspects of our work processes through its integration with other LexisNexis products. We can easily and quickly search for cases, phrases, etc. to find the information we need in addition to information we didn't know we needed.

We are a small law department with limited resources in our legal budget. To the extent that our in-house lawyers can handle research and tasks that otherwise would go to outside counsel, Lexis Advance® is a huge advantage in cost savings. I only wish Lexis Advance could add hours to the day!

I needed a quick review of sweepstakes law in various states and the 50 state survey helped to orient me in a way that provided a shortcut to the heart of the issue.

Senior Associate, Medium Enterprise Health Care Company - Law Firm with 200+ attorneys (TVID: 9F4-11F-8DD)

Currently, I am working on a comprehensive analysis on the similarities and differences of punitive damages in the 50 states. The legal research is taxing and would only be accomplished on Lexis Advance.

Since I’m an information professional and not an attorney, I will state that the firm often needs to find expert witnesses residing in specific states. LexisNexis points us directly to that while the competitor counted testimony in a state rather than residency. That one difference saves time in searches.

Debbie Wynot, Librarian, Chaffe McCall LLP - Law Firm with 51-99 attorneys (TVID: 759-E09-6BB)

Recently, I was asked to find information about a corporation. Using Lexis Advance has allowed me to run a general search and hit all relevant databases.

With Lexis Advance®, I am able to access relevant cases anywhere: while sitting in the courtroom during a trial or while away from my desk. It has been very helpful to have this resource at my fingertips no matter where I am.

Lexis Advance has broadened the scope of law available to both me and my clients. It has also allowed me to have more time for other non-research-related tasks which are essential to being a lawyer.

I am able to find briefs and filings in local cases on Lexis Advance that are not available on other databases.

Seven out of ten state & local government users find Lexis Advance® easier to use than other legal research solutions.

The ease of research has made it possible to find something in as little as 5 minutes where it would have taken days before.

Government Attorney, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company (TVID: 4BF-3CC-4B5)

78% of law firm users increased their productivity with Lexis Advance®.

I quickly and efficiently determined the enforceability of non-competition covenants in a variety of jurisdictions, giving me the information I needed to negotiate a proper duration of a non-compete in an acquisition.

Corporate Counsel, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company (TVID: 78F-56C-812)

81% of Corporate Counsel users state that Lexis Advance is more innovative than other legal research solutions.

With Lexis Advance, I have found cases and information that I would not be able to find through free public records searches.

I have used Lexis Advance to locate long term absconders and return them to court. At times this has allowed me to close cases which have been open for over than ten years.

My practice is improved both the Lexis Advance Headnote system as well as its ability to easily access related material.

As an investigator, I rely on resources available to me to complete my tasks. Lexis Advance® searches have allowed me to do more thorough searches for information relevant to my cases and the development of leads to complete my assignments.

We often require a 'quick answer' to a legal question as the City Attorney’s Office is responsive to city administration, city departments, city boards and city council, as well as police and fire. We cannot anticipate questions and often have only a few minutes to verify the validity of our opinion and response. Lexis Advance permits prompt searches and pulls case law that is relevant to the search query.

Lexis Advance helped me understand superfund law when I had little experience in that area. It also helped me to get a broader overview within a national area of inquiry.

Lexis Advance® is a great way to start a legal research project, with the ability to see all relevant content in various areas and narrow down accordingly. I don’t worry about missing content in a file I didn’t think to use. Easy to store information in a logical way in folders for later use.

Lexis Advance has offered competitive content collection at a superior price point. This has ensured that legal and public records research are available in my practice as a Public Defender.

The Lexis Advance® iPad app is invaluable. Being able to search efficiently from the iPad while in court, in meetings or traveling is fantastic, and the ability to save the important cases to folders is very important to me.

Using Lexis Advance, I was able to find a piece of state code which won the attorney her case and saved the life of a dog. This code has been shared with the office and has led to more case wins.

I graduated from law school less than 5 years ago. I do not believe I could go back to book research for each case that I am looking for. Lexis Advance will have saved me hundreds of hours of research in my legal career.

Lexis Advance® has made it much easier and faster to find relevant cases day in and day out. I like the ease of getting in and out and the freedom to use natural language in my search for cases and statutes to support the decisions I have to make for clients everyday.

Lexis Advance makes Shepardizing easy; even non-lawyers can use it.

I’ve been able to get better and more specific results using Lexis Advance® in a “one-stop-shop” atmosphere. This has cut down my legal research time and has made me more efficient and effective at my job.

Paralegal/Legal Assistant, Large Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company (TVID: BCE-8E5-AC1)

Lexis Advance has allowed us to get federal and state precedent without jumping through hoops.

Easily finding accurate and valid address information via Lexis Advance has enabled me to show 'due diligence' and timeliness when informing case suspects of an investigation determination.

With Lexis Advance, I was able to create a folder for a felony case that held all of my case law research. It was very easy to organize my material, highlight the relevant portions, and access (for a trial).

Shepard’s Citation Service on Lexis Advance is extremely helpful when researching a certain case or issue. Often, a judge will have me look up and print a certain case citation. I can now tell him about the history of the case because of the Shepard’s tools.

I often write appellate briefs. Typically I will have 2-3, sometimes 5-6 appellate issues. I can do research and save these important searches in folders, a feature that I have found to be invaluable. I also very much appreciate the keeping of boolean search terms because I am familiar with these and prefer this to intuitive language searching.

Kevin M. Rogers, Ada County Public Defender's Office, Attorney II (TVID: A00-816-A42)

Lexis Advance has helped me research specific situations related to sexual assaults and domestic violence, which has improved my ability to prosecute those cases.

Mel Snyder, Prosecutor, WV-Preston Prosecuting Attorney's Office (TVID: 943-B04-467)

The Public Records feature allows us to find out why mail is returned and how we can get it to its rightful recipient sooner rather then later.

Lexis Advance makes it easy and efficient to research law that can be used for any motion. The forms and sample pleadings also make it easy to find examples and cut down on time. The practice guides help me research other areas of law and find relevant cases.

The public records search has had the biggest impact for me as a litigator. I do a public records search on every person before I file a law suit and before I take their deposition. It has helped me to discover information that proved to be invaluable.

The California Forms of Pleading and Practice is one of the best tools I know to start researching a topic and even start drafting a paper. Nothing else on the market compiles the fundamental resources one needs to start any legal project like Forms of Pleading and Practice.

Using Lexis Advance has positively impacted my job performance because I know I am getting an accurate search result because it allows me to plug in as much information I want in order to gather what I need. For example, when searching death records, a person’s first and last name can yield many death records, but when you narrow it down by state and town you get the exact results you need. This is crucial for my part in the process because if someone becomes deceased during the process, we need to proceed in a different way.

Lexis maintains continuity in my workflow and allows for easier access, and re-access, of materials. Also, the unpublished cases are a major benefit.

The searching is more intuitive and less cumbersome than Westlaw, which saves me time and makes my legal research more efficient.

Being able to provide quick search results with pertinent information has enabled my attorneys to be more productive and compel more witness testimony.

On the day I was finalizing a brief to be filed, I received an alert about a related case, which I worked into the brief.

By using Lexis Advance I am able to do a thorough search. For example, when I am searching, I can choose what area I need information on and get result for that specific search. I personally think that it is more user friendly.

The case law that is offered through Lexis really helps lay the foundation for any case we put together. We find the tool for the medical malpractice suits extremely helpful when determining the case.

I use the Alert feature to follow particular areas of law that allow me to stay updated on the most recent cases so that I can remain on top of those areas. Being able to relay very recent cases of interest is impressive to clients, co-workers, and more importantly supervisors.

I have used Lexis Advance to grow my practice into Family Law since I do not have as much experience in that area.

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