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Experience leading legal analytics

Questions that could never be answered before can now be unlocked for better research results, smarter strategies and a competitive advantage throughout your workflow.  Introducing Lexis Analytics, a suite of unmatched analytics solutions that uses advanced technologies capable of mining vast content and data sets. Zero in on intelligence impossible to grasp from results lists. Better forecast your next best step. And put yourself a step ahead of your competition. Be data driven with these industry-leading, integrated solutions.

Know the language. Argue the motion.


What if you knew the exact language your judge would cite when ruling on your motion?
Extract persuasive language from court opinions, challenges and motions—the language your judge relies on most often. The new Context solution mines millions of case-law documents to help reveal the arguments your judge wants to hear. NEW! Coming in Fall 2018.

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Know the behaviors. Craft winning strategy.

Lex Machina®

What if you knew how long it would take to get your matter settled?
Get quantitative insights on case timing, resolutions, remedies, findings and damages. The Lex Machina service analyzes tens of millions of court dockets and documents for intelligence that can help you land more clients and win more cases.

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Know the risk. Stay compliant.


What if you knew what the SEC would comment on in your disclosure?
Identify precedent and adopt market-standard language. Intelligize shows you what others are disclosing and how SEC examiners are commenting to help you know what to disclose and how to disclose it.

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