Delivering data to empower innovation

Within Your Workflow

Lexis® data is presented within your own internal workflows—no new systems to learn, or log-in credentials to keep track of.

Data Integration

Move beyond internal datasets—combine it with Lexis data in a single search to unlock the data’s potential.

Timely Updates

Automatic updates and alerts to internal apps ensure you are quickly notified of changes.

Data Enrichment

Leverage proprietary Lexis algorithms, classifications, and metadata enrichments to augment internal data.

Enrichment that improves the relevance of your data

Resolve & Normalize

Once trusted content is identified, Lexis APIs provide clean, semi-structured data for integration into your custom workflow.


Algorithmic semantic analysis is applied to enable data discovery—even when content is produced in different languages.


Metadata is expertly enriched within our datasets, enabling you to quickly find and filter.

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