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*Based on information available as of September 2020.

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With Lexis+, cases are online faster 72% of the time, complete with data-driven insights from Ravel View and more, so you can instantly see the citing relationships between both landmark and connected cases, spot trends in your specific jurisdiction, and zero in on the best support for your specific matter.

*Based on information available as of January 2020.

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Cite the best authority for a point of law with the trusted first choice of attorneys and courts—only Shepard's, the most comprehensive editorial analysis, shows both negative treatments and true positive treatments from subsequent citing cases, with more nuanced analysis from experienced attorneys and updates every 15 minutes.

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Gain control over legal research with visibility into whether all your terms are present in your results set via first-of-its-kind search data visualization. After perfecting the results set, optimize your productivity with Search Term Maps as you preview documents and conclude your search with the most relevant resources.

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Ensure you are citing the absolute best and most accurate authority for a point of law with unprecedented visibility into whether a case is at risk of being overruled or undermined.

+ Explore Shepard's at Risk
Instantly view which points of law within the case have been negatively treated by other decisions in the same jurisdiction.
Easily assess the impact of the negative treatment and the degree of risk to the case and related points of law.

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Stay updated on the latest developments, statutory changes over time, and whether laws are becoming more or less restrictive by quickly comparing any two versions of a statute section side-by-side.

+ Explore Code Compare
Access complete coverage with current effective, future effective and archival versions dating back to the early 1990's.
Save time with an overview of total changes to the text, or get up to speed on detailed changes to the statutory language.

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Resolve legal questions with ease by locating the answers directly within the document where the answer is found.

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Easily identify relevant, useful documents and passages without leaving the results list.
Spot key clusters of your search terms to readily navigate to the most relevant passages.

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Leverage first-of-its-kind search data visualization to understand why certain terms are missing from the results set and optimize your search strategy.

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View which search terms are missing from a specific document in the results set without opening a single document, and rerun the search with your must-have terms.

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