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Rethink practical guidance: knowing the right steps means taking fewer steps.

Gain the know-how to accomplish your tasks from experienced attorneys

The professional guidance you find in our practice notes, annotated forms and checklists clearly outlines how to accomplish even unfamiliar matters.

Provide insightful advice

Confidently advise your organization or clients with the support of authoritative practical guidance. Also accomplish their matters with the greatest efficiency possible to provide added value.

Work at maximum efficiency

Accomplishing your work is faster and easier with all the guidance, drafting tools and legal information you need accessible in one easy-to-use resource. The new Lexis® Smart Forms helps you draft quickly and confidently freeing up your time to do high value legal work.

Stay current in your practice area

Find guidance for 20 practice areas that reflects the latest practice trends. Also read the latest news, law reviews and The Lexis Practice Advisor Journal™ covering hot topics.

What’s in it for you?

Trusted Practical Guidance Starts with 1000+ Attorney Authors—93% of Whom Are Currently Practicing

Lexis Practice Advisor offers a collection of practical guidance written by attorneys for their practice areas that is unsurpassed in its authority. You can trust that the knowledge they bring to their guidance is based on real-world experience and reflects the current state of their practice area.

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All subscriptions include the following content:


Get ‘how-to’ guidance for your topic or question from leading experienced attorney authors


Simplify drafting with a comprehensive collection of expert forms and model documents that offer drafting notes and alternate clauses


Don’t miss a thing with step-by-step guidance for legal matters or document drafting


Review on-point federal and state codes and statutes curated by experienced attorneys


Stay current with practice area news, law reviews, journals, white papers and more


Gain deeper insight into your topic through curated Matthew Bender® treatises and more


Examine relevant cases specific to your topic that are selected by experienced authors


Receive the latest updates about content, tools, trends and practice area information


Stay on top of legal trends with the forward-thinking articles and expert analysis in this quarterly publication

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