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Lexis® Case Law Research by State

To strengthen your position, gain a deeper understanding of the law and familiarize yourself with an unfamiliar jurisdiction, access a comprehensive collection of case law for every state with the Lexis® service.

A meticulous and calculated selection of case law can result in a ruling in your client’s favor—and maybe even help set new precedent. To identify the most relevant case law to bolster your position, you need the power of the Lexis service—the ultimate case law finder.

Find Case Law More Efficiently and Effectively

Choose Lexis—The Ultimate Case Law Finder—To Retrieve More Relevant Results

With Lexis, get tailored results that help streamline your
legal research—regardless of the state.

Access the case law collection for every state with comprehensive and timely coverage.

Unlock a robust collection of cases that you need for your legal matter with case summaries and headnotes to drive efficient research. The cases in the Lexis database are continually updated through a quality-control process, ensuring you get reliable and updated information.

Enhance your research with case summaries that provide a concise view of the major impacts of a case.

Access reliable content from attorney-editors who read each case and write case summaries that reflect court holdings. The Lexis service superior coverage with the most summarized cases since 1920 and more case summaries for unpublished cases than Westlaw* or any other case law research solution.

View the terms most used in the case.

With the Lexis service, each case also includes Core Terms, the words—facts, legal concepts, and more—the court used most often throughout the case, from overview to dissenting opinion. Browse to quickly determine relevance during case law research for your jurisdiction. A Lexis exclusive feature, you won’t find Core Terms offered through competing case-law research providers.

Find your relevant case law faster

Exclusive Lexis features help you quickly pinpoint the relevant case law you need to create a more exhaustive and airtight case strategy. Our patented Search Term Maps feature color codes search results in case searches so you can assess case law relevance faster than ever before. Leverage the Ravel View feature to see how your top case search results cite each other, so you can quickly view citing trends available in your state and zero in on the best options for your matter. With easily accessible Shepard’s case cards, unlock vital editorial treatment right on the case search results screen.

Determine the key issues addressed in a case with LexisNexis® Headnotes.

With a single search, get the vital analysis required to build the foundation of your case. Our team of attorney-authors provides analysis, in the language of the court, ensuring reliable information and no misinterpretation of rulings. Determine if a case merits deeper analysis by quickly accessing the key legal issues and points of law material for a case. The Lexis solution helps legal practitioners find other relevant authority with headnotes that point to other important related cases.

Rely On High-Quality Content

Attorneys using Lexis know they’re relying on rigorously vetted content. The Lexis content goes through the scrupulous 29-step Shepard’s® editorial process that combines extensive quality control measures with the work of attorney-editors, ensuring you get the most reliable, relevant and timely content.

Lexis is the best place to start state case law research with more than 60,000 trusted legal, news and public records sources. Unlock a world-leading content collection—with resources that help you practice more efficiently, improve client outcomes and add more value. Expand and enhance your capabilities with the Lexis service.

Gain access to sophisticated case law in every state with a Lexis free trial.


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