On average, alumni give more that 25 percent of charitable donations that universities receive annually. As a result, you need to nurture alumni relationships on an ongoing basis. Nexis® for Development Professionals helps you stay in touch. How?

Set Up Alerts to Run Automatic Searches on Alumni

Receive timely notifications—on the schedule of your choosing— when alumni appear in the news. Mentions of career changes or special achievements represent great, organic opportunities for your development team reach out to alumni in a positive way. Rather than only connecting with alumni through donation request letters, for example, you can use positive news mentions to send a brief note of congratulations, helping you build stronger, more personal relationships with this key group of fundraising prospects.

Tap into a Wealth of Reliable, Global Content

American universities attract students from around the world, so when it comes to staying connected with international alumni, you need a prospect research tool that offers global content. Nexis® for Development Professionals includes:

  • Relevant news sources, including a wide range of global publications, to help you stay alert to mentions of alumni living abroad.
  • Deep executive information to identify relationships between influential alumni and other individuals with high donor potential.
  • Extensive U.S. Public Records content to aid in locating hard-to-find alumni and their spouses, identifying assets and more.
  • SmartLinx technology providing details on more than 450 million unique individuals, enabling you to spot connections you can’t find elsewhere.

Find out how Nexis® for Development Professionals can help you make meaningful, lasting connections with alumni and other individual prospects that will keep your fundraising on track. Ask for a personalized demo today!

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