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Get the comprehensive results, faster and easier with Lexis Advance™, a new online legal research service that will transform the way you conduct your research. Our new natural search algorithm and intuitive interface access the LexisNexis® services and open Web content to deliver a comprehensive set of results faster.

You can navigate quickly around the site with the new My Workspace carousel, and get key insights into relationships between legal issues with the Legal Issue Trail™ feature. With Lexis Advance, you can be confident you’ll get comprehensive results faster and easier.

Provides an efficient and intuitive way to conduct and manage your legal research.

Gives you reliable search results faster and more easily.

Offers comprehensive and relevant search results that you can control.

Lets you sift through relevant content easily.

Gives you access to information that is current and rated as good law.

My Workspace allows you to access, organize, and manage your legal research all in one place through a visual and intuitive carousel interface. My Workspace stores your search history, recent and favorite filters, work folders, Alerts, and provides easy access to customer service.

Work Folders will help you keep all your results organized in one place. They allow you to create search results, documents, and notes and save them to a folder so you can get to them quickly.

Set up Alerts on your search or the Shepard’s® Citations Service report you want to follow and the Lexis Advance™ service monitors any changes that occur. Alert criteria can be as broad or specific as you want, by using the Alert filters, and as frequent as you want.

Search History provides you with an efficient way to manage your results so you can instantaneously see where you left off in your research and it allows you to eliminate rework.

Get all the support you need. You can access Lexis Advance help online anytime, plus access a comprehensive set of tutorials that demonstrate Lexis Advance features and functionality. Our team of customer support experts is there to help you.

Customer Service/Technical/Research Assistance

  • Call 800.897.3419—available 24/7/365.

How to Subscribe or Request a Trial

  • Contact your LexisNexis® sales representative.
  • Call 800.227.9597, extension 54846.

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