Leverage an expert media analyst team with more than a hundred years combined experience. We offer custom media analysis reports to show you how your brand is performing in traditional and social media.

Snapshot Reports

Looking for a quick, topline view of your performance that you can share with your stakeholders? Then Snapshot reports are a great option for you.

Our Snapshot Reports compile and analyze automated media performance data from LexisNexis Newsdesk and/or LexisNexis Social Media Analytics (powered by Talkwalker).

Deep Dive Reports

Our Deep Dive reports offer custom human analysis with in-depth evaluation. When the automated media performance data is not enough, our expert analysts will dig into your media coverage to truly determine how you are being portrayed by the press and on social media­—including revealing your leading coverage drivers, key messaging, most vocal influencers, and sentiment of your coverage—all the while providing qualitative insight behind these results. We offer standard reporting options based on what’s most popular with our clients today, or can create custom reporting designed for your needs.

Snapshot Reports

We’ve been doing this for years and have several key reports clients keep coming back to. Browse the popular reports below, or contact us for something just right for you.

These reports are available as Snapshot Reports (Bronze) or Deep Dive Reports (Silver or Gold).

The Bronze Snapshot Reports feature automated analysis on all languages in Newsdesk, as well as automated sentiment analysis.

The Silver Deep Dive Reports offer automated analysis on all languages in Newsdesk, complemented by human analysis on selected languages.

Like the Silver Deep Dive Reports, Gold Reports offer a combination of automated and human analysis, but expand the scope of the analysis and reporting.

We also offer Custom Newsletter Curation—Learn more!

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