Our media analyst team prepares human-curated newsletters designed to your specifications that weed out the noise and share with you only those stories your customers want to see. With access to the most comprehensive global data set and powerful analytical software, you can feel confident that the content curated is on point.

In addition, our team can summarize non-English articles and prepare executive summaries of the content, all of which are provided in a clean layout with your desired branding.

We offer three levels for curated newsletters depending on your needs and budget requirements.

At all three levels, you receive custom branding, content curation, and an unlimited number of topics covered. Depending on whether you select Bronze, Silver, or Gold level custom newsletters, the minimum number of checked documents for each newsletter ranges from 100 up to 500. At Silver and Gold levels, you also benefit from article editing and summarization, along with translations or summaries of non-English language articles. Gold level also includes a daily executive summary.

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