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Give your personal injury or medical malpractice clients a real advantage. Gain medical and legal insight from exclusive sources with interactive tools to simplify even the most complex cases.

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Should you take the case? Settle? Go to trial? Assess case value and negotiate using the industry’s largest collection of verdicts and settlements.

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Research, locate and vet expert witnesses yourself and prepare for your opposition. Built-in tools help you easily navigate a huge database of 365K+ expert witnesses.

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Save time, money and headaches. Conduct thorough, efficient medical malpractice litigation research and analysis—all from the powerful, all-in-one LexisNexis MedMal Navigator®.

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Simplify complex medical research.


Bringing medical and legal research together in one convenient, comprehensive tool helps firms and litigators succeed. Investigate how here.

Demonstrate even the most complex medical topics
Gain access to 10K+ Netter medical images and illustrations

Netter medical images

Know and share the most difficult aspects of anatomy, injury and disease by making the most of more than 10K Netter images and illustrations access. Leverage exacting, full-color, high-resolution and easy-to-download visuals to support vital case arguments.

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