LexisNexis® Litigation Profile Suite

Uncover the facts, views and behaviors about the key players who will impact your case. During early case assessment use this easy-to-use analytical tool that quickly organizes volumes of data into interactive charts and graphs with links so you can drill down into the relevant underlying documents.

Conduct smarter legal research. One source allows you to search volumes of data, identify trends from graphs and charts, examine specific documents and easily produce custom reports to share findings.

Mitigate litigation risks and costs. Avoid surprises by thoroughly evaluating experts, analyzing judge’s ruling patterns and uncovering opposing counsel’s litigation tendencies.

Improve litigation outcomes. Sharpen ongoing case strategy and manage client expectations informed by the comprehensive collection of data on experts, judges and attorneys.

Let us do the research for you. Save time with Expert Research On-Demand. We offer a range of fast, affordably priced expert witness research services. No subscription required.

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By pinpointing the facts about an expert’s previous testimony, an opposing counsel’s litigation experience, or a judge’s past rulings on issues, you minimize potential surprises, increase predictability, and are better prepared.

Here are just a few reasons to try Litigation Profile Suite on your next case:

  • Content Superiority
    Get the most revealing, hardest-to-find intelligence drawn from the largest collection of verdict and settlement documents in the industry–70 percent more than the leading competitors. Unique IDs to help ensure that you find information on the right expert, right away.
  • Free Initial Search
    To ensure that you get the content and case material you’re looking for, we offer a free initial search—only when you’ve uncovered the right people will you be charged for pulling associated documents and running a report.
  • Up-to-Date Analysis
     You’re always working with a highly dynamic, user-friendly tool that automatically surfaces the new cases added daily and makes sure reports are updated each time you pull them.
  • Litigation Profile Suite reveals instant insights and enables detailed analysis leveraging the comprehensive collection of data on experts, judges and attorneys:
    • data on more than 330,000 expert witnesses (published and unpublished)
    • 77 million judge references
    • 90 million attorney references
    • the largest collection of verdicts and settlements, 70% more than the nearest competitor
    • more than 175,000 full-text depositions and trial transcripts
  • Expert Witness Profile: Evaluate credibility
    Uncover their strengths and weaknesses as quickly and thoroughly as possible by accessing the largest, most comprehensive collection of published and unpublished expert witness information. You’ll discover valuable intelligence, such as prior contradictory statements; challenges to testimony and inconsistent or fudged credentials.  Unique IDs help ensure that you find information on the right expert, right away.
  • Judge Profile: Determine the best way to present your case
    Gaining an understanding of a judge’s past ruling tendencies and experience in a particular area of law can play an important part in determining your motion and case strategy. The judge profile draws upon courtroom records, the news and many other resources to give you an in-depth picture that includes authored works, background information and much more.
  • Attorney Profile: Know what to expect
    LexisNexis lets you quickly see patterns and trends across a broad range of sources including CVs, depositions, cases, trial transcripts, verdicts and settlements, publications, news articles, briefs, pleadings, motions and Daubert Tracker Case Reports.
  • Preview documents via document excerpts
    By previewing an excerpt of documents surfaced, you can make faster, more informed decisions about opening and examining that document further.
  • Longer availability in history
    Lexis Advance® retains a record of your searches for 90 days so you can easily track prior searches.
  • Work folders
    Only Lexis Advance allows you to store and re-use results right where you’re working by saving and accessing Profile Suite reports in work folders.

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      I would not have thought it was possible to gather this much information about experts in one place.

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      The product is very easy to use, and quite intuitive.

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    • Customer Testimonial

      It is amazingly comprehensive, providing access to information that I wasn’t aware was available.

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