Mealey’s® Litigation Reports

Mealey’s®, a trusted source and the premier provider of litigation news for more than 30 years, provides unbiased coverage of legally significant developments that can inform your strategies and tactics. Rely on Mealey’s to:

  • Effectively formulate and execute case strategy with the most current information
  • Proactively respond to recent litigation trends to minimize risk and cost
  • Improve ability to represent clients and optimize litigation outcomes
  • Identify practice area trends to inform potential business expansion strategies

Explore Mealey’s® offerings by viewing the complete list of reports below—most are available in eBook, print and via email delivery on Lexis Legal News.  Get all of the Mealey’s reports for your practice area by subscribing to the right assembly for your organization on Lexis. You may also subscribe to an individual report within your practice area of interest.

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Stay on top of the latest legally significant litigation developments with concise, unbiased reports. Count on current, targeted, specialized legal news coverage from Mealey’s®.

Follow cases from complaint to verdict or resolution, and every step along the way. The Mealey’s staff of news journalists collects, sources, and writes balanced reports on litigation and arbitration news – covering developments in and beyond the federal and state courts. Networking throughout the U.S. and abroad, Mealey’s editors report on the top court cases from around the globe.

Mealey’s coverage features:

  • Breaking News Coverage and Case Reports: Critical information is updated within hours of release by the Mealey’s editorial team, allowing you to follow high-profile cases as well as those not covered by the general media every step of the way from initial complaint through final appeal.
  • Reduce Research Time with Mealey’s Time-Savings Advantages: Mealey’s editors report the key arguments and rulings, saving you valuable research time. Effectively formulate and execute strategy with legal developments. Use the precedents found in Mealey’s to bolster your own arguments, avoid pitfalls, advise clients with confidence, and apply winning strategies to your own caseload.
  • Hard-to-find Court Documents at your Fingertips: Mealey’s coverage includes reports with the latest case developments, supporting complaints, briefs, motions, rulings and settlements. Use them to help phrase your arguments, write briefs and motions and gauge judicial sentiment in your jurisdiction.
  • Expert Legal Commentary: Design your litigation strategy based on insights from the world’s most skilled attorneys, in-house counsel, regulators, insurance executives, medical practitioners, arbitrators and scholars with firsthand knowledge of the issues.
Rely on Mealey’s® to keep you up to date with unbiased reporting on the latest legally significant information, and stay abreast of critical legal developments wherever you are. Mealey’s is available on Lexis, with all the great features of Lexis that allow you to easily access the Mealey’s content that you rely upon. You can access documents, set publication alerts, and use other valuable features in a few easy steps. View the Step-by-Step PDF

Mealey’s® publishes more than 30 highly targeted reports on a broad array of topics, such as asbestos, insurance bad faith, ERISA, international arbitration and copyright law.  Depending on the individual publication, coverage varies from monthly to bi-monthly to weekly.  Each issue contains concise case summaries of current opinions, newly filed complaints, appeals, motions, verdicts and settlements–and clearly states the arguments presented by both sides and the court’s reasoning.

Lexis Legal News–Dig a little bit deeper into the pre-trial, trial and post-trial issues with litigation-intense news. Enjoy immediate access to today’s headlines and email delivery via the Lexis Legal News service. Sign up for a free two-week trial today.

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