LexisNexis® Media Intelligence Solutions

Explore our media monitoring, social analytics and news curation tools to fuel insight-driven performance in your communication and business strategies.

Media Monitoring & Analytics

Leverage powerful news monitoring and analytics—across a single, global collection of print, broadcast, and digital media—to quickly uncover critical insights about your brand, competitors, and market. Get the details.

  • Over 90 Languages
  • 4M–Average Number of Articles and Posts Added Daily
  • Content from 235 Countries and Regions
  • Nearly 100K News Sources
  • 100M Social Media Posts from 2.5M Social Feeds

Media Insight Services

When automated results are short on insights, LexisNexis® Media Intelligence Research and Analytics brings together media metrics and human expertise for custom media analysis and newsletter curation. Explore your options.

  • Curated Newsletters
  • Brand Health Report
  • Brand Benchmark Analysis
  • Media Landscape Report
  • Social Media Influencer Landscape Report

Media Contacts Distribution

Want to amplify your brand voice? Identify and connect with the right influencers using LexisNexis® Media Contacts Solution—a media database and communications platform Powered by Agility PR Solutions. Find your perfect match.

  • 800,000 contacts
  • Over 200 countries
  • 2M updates annually
  • High delivery rates

Advanced Social Analytics

Ditch fragmented social listening for actionable social insights. LexisNexis® Social Analytics (powered by Talkwalker) offers global, real-time monitoring, along with image and text analytics, to keep your social media performance buzzing. See how it works.

  • Listen
  • Discover
  • Analyze
  • Benchmark
  • Measure
  • Report

Media Data APIs

Integrate near real-time news and social media data from a comprehensive, global content collection into predictive analytics and machine learning applications to guide strategic decision making and boost performance in a constantly-evolving market. Learn more about LexisNexis® Metabase API.

  • Corporate Intranets
  • Business Portals
  • Search Engines
  • Proprietary Databases
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications

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