You face an endless flow of media—and the unenviable task of filtering through this avalanche of data to expose only the most relevant information. LexisNexis Newsdesk® is optimized to help you conduct media-monitoring and analysis more efficiently thanks to an advanced content-enrichment process. What does this process involve—and why does it matter?

  • Rich, semantic metadata tags key elements and topics in articles for deeper analysis and identification of what matters most.
  • Text normalization applied to content enables analysis across disparate news and social media sources.
  • Superior indexing aids in weeding out irrelevant information so you get the most relevant results.
  • Leveraging technology to identifying millions of locations across the globe and appending this geo-data to content allows users to gain geographic insights within their media analysis.
  • Sentiment scores help you quickly identify whether an article is positive, negative or neutral–sentiment analysis charts for effective brand and reputation management.
  • Results also include the MozRank, enabling users to quickly assess whether the content is pertinent to their current media tracking efforts.

In addition to our robust technology-based content enrichment process, our subject-matter experts provide hands-on content curation and continuous development of rich taxonomies to address the changing needs of LexisNexis Newsdesk® users. The result? Superior filtering of data—and elimination of duplication—to ensure faster, more relevant media monitoring and analysis to support data-driven decision making.

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