PR pros can gain critical business intelligence with Nexis Newsdesk media monitoring and analytics.

A leading provider of content and technology solutions for nearly four decades, LexisNexis® solutions have helped marketing and PR agencies serve clients, expand services, and target new market opportunities. Our global media index is used by partners in the U.S., UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa and beyond.

Depending on requirements, PR and marketing agencies can tap into wholesale database solutions with the Nexis® Metabase API or deploy the Nexis Newsdesk media-monitoring and analytics application. Regardless of which tool fits your needs, LexisNexis can help you uncover new business opportunities from mass media:

Monitor, measure and report media coverage for client briefs

  • Enhance media evaluation and market research with data from the Nexis Newsdesk global media index
  • Give analysts direct, personalized access to news and social media search and analytics
  • Collaborate on media projects across teams with user groups and article commentary
  • Offer the award-winning Nexis Newsdesk service directly to clients
  • Curate content and create client-branded newsletters
  • Leverage media monitoring to identify trends for highly-relevant content marketing campaigns

Feed data directly into client applications and power original services with LexisNexis content

  • Take advantage of unique, customer-driven media categorization for advanced filtering and in-depth analytics