Enrich your intranet site or information services with audience-focused news feeds.

Use LexisNexis® media monitoring and analytics solutions to enrich internal websites and information services whether you are a publisher, B2B information provider, vertical search engine, website or consumer portal.

Our solutions use leading search technology that helps you drill down and serve exactly the right content for your customers. The extensive international coverage of Nexis Newsdesk cuts across regions, industries, languages and topics, reducing the need to partner with multiple services.

From hundreds of topics and integrated news search features to a single feed, our solutions are designed to match your needs:

Keep audiences informed and engaged

  • Curate finely-tuned content streams from thousands of relevant sources
  • Serve personalized news to user segments, from mainstream to ‘long-tail’ audiences
  • Complement original content with related news and views from across the Web
  • Provide impartial coverage from national and international perspectives

Deliver a seamless user experience to your customers

  • Directly integrate near real-time news with RSS and search API options
  • Quickly and easily edit topics or add new ones to cover evolving events
  • Enhance newsletters with informative news and commentary